Only 30% of youth stay involved in church.
We desire to change that.

Your gift gives our youth the best chance.
Research shows that only 30% of youth between 18 and 22 stay involved in church.* The top 3 reasons were: they moved to college, church members seemed judgmental or hypocritical, or they didn’t feel connected to people in their church. While moving to college is something that we have little control over, loving and welcoming all with grace, leading with full integrity, & building a thriving youth community are things that we absolutely desire to do.
*Based on a survey by Lifeway Research conducted in 2017 of young adults.
 And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me.
Matthew 18:5 NLT

Children aren't just the future - they are the now.
Our children and youth need our leadership, love, & a thriving community now. If we truly care for their future, then we'll invest in them here and now, and we plan to do this better than ever before in 2020.
Ministry needs & goals for 2020:
  • $6,000 to fund recurring youth group events.
  • ​$1,500 to fund community-wide kids/youth events.
  • ​$1,500 to fund vacation bible school.
  • ​$1,000 to fund kids furniture/classroom needs. 
Two ways to give:
PREFERRED: Join our generous community on Facebook by giving to our Facebook Fundraiser. See live progress towards our goal and help us spread the word.
Give through SimpleChurch - our church's general giving portal. Please select Youth Ministries - Events as the Fund.
Kids & Youth Ministry
Take a closer look at our kids and youth ministries:
Ignite Kid's Ministry is about raising up a generation of world changers whose hearts burn for Jesus! From nursury to 5th grade, our children are taught to love God and his word with all their hearts in a fun yet biblically centered interactive way.
Age Groups
Spark: 6 wks - 2 yrs
Blaze: 3 yrs - K5 (potty-trained)
Wildfire: 1st - 5th grade
Parkway Youth is a place where middle and high school students worship, pray, and grow together as they are discipled and taught biblical principles to live out their faith while being examples of Jesus Christ in their world.
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